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Atlantic County Divorce And Family Law Firm

At Nancy R. Mazin, P.C., I am responsive to the needs of my clients going through the legally complex and emotionally charged process of divorce, custody and separation. I maintain ongoing communication so they are aware of the progress of their case and respond promptly to all questions.

A Ventnor City Child Custody And Support Attorney At Your Side

Child custody, child support, spousal support (also known as alimony) and property division are the most common concerns of my clients. Every decision made involving children should always be done with their best interests in mind. My experience as a divorce lawyer has shown me that each parent can provide some benefit to his or her children. We just need to be certain your children remain free from harm. I also have extensive experience in handling domestic violence issues and restraining orders.

In taking an individualized approach to each case, I spend time with my clients and identify if mediation or litigation will provide the best outcome for them. I educate them on the courts' preference to stay away from sole custody unless abuse exists within the family or there are other compelling reasons which may be appropriate.

Focused On The Best Interests Of Children In Custody And Relocation Cases

My practice of child custody involves a landmark removal case which focused on the concept of shared parenting when there was less than equal parenting time by the father. I represented a father objecting to his wife — who was remarrying — moving their children out of state. In the end, the Court ruled that the parenting agreement remained in place and the children stayed in New Jersey over the wife's objection.

Finding Resolutions In The Equitable Distribution Of Marital Property

Disputes over money and possessions can turn an amicable divorce into disputes that require a trial. New Jersey is an equitable distribution state. The court has the power to fairly, but not necessarily equally, distribute the martial home, pensions, business valuations, stocks and personal property between spouses. I strive to maximize the amount my client is entitled to, using my accounting background to analyze documents and determine the true value of the marital assets.

Additional areas of my family law practice include prenuptial agreements and separation agreements.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call my Atlantic County divorce and family law firm at 609-318-3787. All calls are returned as soon as possible.

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